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1. SmartTest is a repository of a multitude of online tests and quizzes that are designed on state-of-the-art adaptive principles .
2. Selectively prepared chapter-wise quizzes to test one’s ability and depth of understanding.
3. A step-by-step approach to learning ensuring confidence for all chapters.
4. As the quizzes are adaptive in nature you get personalized review of your understanding and performance.
1. A repository of knowledge that is unlike any other. You will gain access to tools and data necessary for clearing concepts.
2. You will be aided by both short and long descriptions of lessons.
3. Access to educational videos, sorted for ease, that complement your understanding of various lessons.
1. EduWonder is everything that you wish had been a part of the syllabus, but isn't.
2. You will gain the confidence to talk about all the interesting things in the world, and you will even find the necessary knowledge to choose a career.
3. Everything from Astronomy to amazing facts of Psychology is covered under a single click.

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